My name is Daniela. I am the admin of this blog. I am a teen from the Republic of Moldova.

I love to edit photos in Photoshop. Every week I’ll post some of my edits. I make logos, but I’ll learn how to edit photos. In the future, I will post my photos taken by me. Also, I like graphic design and animations.

Some random things about me:

  • I’m a girl
  • I think that I look great for my age
  • I study well
  • My birthday: the 23rd of January
  • The person who inspires me is a vlogger – Levi Elekes 
  • The color that defines me is rainbow
  • Sometimes, I’m introvert
  • I love riding the bike
  • I like arts
  • I love cats and panda bears
  • I use more Instagram vs. Facebook
  • I love sport
  • Reading is a good way to relax for me
  • I wear glasses
  • I love the technology, all that’s new
  • I listen to different genres of music: pop, house, dubstep, a little bit rock
  • I like English language, biology, and informatics
  • I wish to change the world, to make people happy and motivated (I’ll write some posts on this topic in the future)

Any question about me write in the comments.

If you wish to know more about this blog, read the “about” page.

Thank you!