“Photography can only represent the present. Once photographed, the subject becomes part of the past.”Berenice Abbott

All I can say: taking photos you keep moments that are impossible to reproduce.🙂🤗

K,…Hello guys. What’s up? I’m Daniela and today I’ll show some tips: How to take better photos on your phone. Something new! ☺️

What I wish you to know, does not matter what phone you use to take photos, because you can take good photos using every kind of phones.

At the first, I have 2 tips for you:

  1. Set the brightness of the display to MAXIMUM.  The photo will be correctly exposed.

Here is a photo which show underexposed, correctly exposed and overexposed photo:

Source: Google image

See the difference.

2. Disable the FLASH.

Why? You don’t need the flash. Often, the flash doesn’t know what to do and it fires when it is day outside, when the luminosity is good.

Now, let’s play with the settings. Of course, not all the phones have these settings, therefore discover the settings and filters of your phone. Here I included some useful tips. 👍

Let’s start!

  • Don’t use too much the ZOOM, because the zoom of the cell phones is digital, not optical. So, the quality loses her value.
  • Don’t limit yourself to a single photo, ‘cuz you’re not a professional photographer to take a perfect photo from the first date. Take MANY PICTURES, then select the best.
  • Hand the phone with BOTH HANDS (when you take photos of landscapes, other people etc.). The stability on the phone is better.
  • Other important tip is to use the DAYLIGHT. The quality is better.
  • Set the WHITE BALANCE (from the camera settings). The colours will be natural. Play with it and find the best option.
  • If your photos have faded colours, use the BLACK&WHITE filter.
  • Try to take photos from DIFFERENT ANGLES.
  • Use the GRID camera. Your phone should have this option. It helps you to place the subject in a certain part. For a well-balanced composition, place the subject on one of that lines, at the intersection of the lines

Here is an example: (Just hand the phone with both hands 😅;))

Source: Google Image

After you take a photo, it must be edited. There are some apps for editing photos, like Pixrl, Snapseed, Facetune, VSCO, Cymera. The best to edit photos on a PC in professional programs, like Photoshop. 🤗

What do you think about this post? If you know other tips write the in the comments.

I hope you liked it. 😚✌️👏

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It was Daniela, see you!

Enjoy! Thanks. 💓