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I am Daniela and in the previous article I discussed about how to take better photos using your phone (link here) and I decided to write another Tips. Sooo, I’m back with TOP 4 PHOTO APPS. I think that it is useful for you.

There are a lot of apps to edit photos, all are different and have different options. To help you, I decided to select the best of them. These apps are available for IOS and Android.

Soo, TOP 4 PHOTO APPS that let you to edit your photos fast and easy. Let’s start!

  1. Camera Zoom FX

    Source: Google Image

This app is very easy to use. Because of Stable Shot option the photos are taken when everything is be focused. There is an option, Burst Mode, that select for you the best photography from a series of photos. Another cool option is Voice Control: clap your hands and a photo is taken.

For editing photos, it is not incredible. It has only few options. The link is here for Android and here for IOS.

2. Pixrl

Source: Google Image

It is a good alternative for Photoshop. Has a cute design and it’s easy to use. Has options like: Crop, Resize, Correct, Effects and other filters. I like Double Exposure option.

For android, the link is here, and for IOS the link is here.



3. VSCO cam

Source: Google Image

This app has a lot of filters, a lot. It is also very easy use. There are good options to edit and correct, and it’s one of my favourite. It is not just an editing app, but is also a very big community.

It is something between Pixrl and Instagram.

The link is here for Android and here for IOS.


4. Snapseed

Source: Google Image

It has a simple design, but has a lot of options. The operations are done through gestures. It is very comfortable to see the difference between the original photo and the changed one. It is made by Google.    For android the link is here, for IOS – here.

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