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Today I’ll show you a different type of editing in Photoshop: Manipulation. The topic is Water Head. Isn’t dope, no? The photo has an important message: We waste our time thinking about something that we don’t need. Did you have some moments like that? We should control our thoughts, but this is another topic to discuss.😉

Let’s turn on this tutorial. Now I’m showing you my creation:⬇️⬇️⬇️

my phtoshop 2017



Ta-daaam? What do you think?

I think that it looks really good. I know that I can do better, I should learn.

It is not very difficult to create a photo like this. Of course, you can change the model, or to use these brushes to create a better wave and clouds effect. Click on this link to download water and clouds. I would be used these brushes, but I can’t download them.




The materials to download are down below:

The model – http://vishstudio.deviantart.com/art/Stock-430161410

Water –  deviantart.com/art/Rage-of-water-166288543

Ship – http://www.deviantart.com/art/toy-ship-png-474113560

Dolphin – deviantart.com/art/Dolphin-Digital-33-327180843

The video of the tutorial is here.

If you wish, I’ll write step by step tutorials. Write in the comments if you wish.

Also I’ll show you my photos (taken by me) and I will make a portfolio.

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Enjoy! Thanks. 💓