“Photography is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.” 
 Alfred Stieglitz

Hello, guys! Welcome to Photography addicted!
What’s up? I’m Daniela and today I’ll show you a very amazing tutorial. It looks awesome and professional, a little bit abstract (a little bit).
As you have seen in the title, today you’ll learn how to make LOW POLY EFFECT IN PHOTOSHOP!
My photo is this: ⬇️
What do you think? Do you like it?
I think that it looks great. It is not difficult, there are not many steps to create this, but you need enough time for those triangles.
As I promised you in the previous posts, here are the steps of this low poly effect:
  1. Cut the face of an animal (or your face, everything you want). Here’s the panda photo that I used. Cut it with Polygonal Lasso Tool. It may not be perfect.
  2. Create a new file (1920×1080 pixels, white).
  3. Move your object on that white file and place it on the center.
  4. Click on the View option from the menu, click on Show, Grid,  then click on View, Snap.
  5. Now, here begins the fun part. Using the Polygonal Lasso Tool, create triangles. Then select Filters, Blur, Average. After the first triangle that you created, you’ll not need to click Filters, Blur, Average, just click Ctrl + F (it means the last filter).
You can make just a half of the face, if it is symmetrical, and do like in this tutorial.
      6. Then, select the background and create Gradient Effect, Black and White, Radial.
Later, you can personalize the photo coloring some parts as I did.
Just do it! If you need, here are some videos: here and here.
So, this tutorial was for today! I hope you liked it! I subbmitted work and patience for this blog, I hope that it is nice enough. I know that I’m not professional, but I’m going to be, to evolve. If you wish to support me, like my blog if you appreciated, share if you liked and follow for much more! ❤️❤️😊🙃👍
It was Daniela, see you!
Enjoy! Thanks. 💓