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I am Daniela and today we’ll talk about photography and photographers. I write about this in every post through different quotes. I’ll share with you my opinions and thoughts. Also write comments on this topic, with your opinion. Thank you!

What is a photo? It is just an object, a message to world or a kind of art? It’s complicated. A photo can tell an entire story, without words, just look, feel and understand. It is a way to communicate, it sends us feelings. If you look deeply at a photo, you can understand the story behind it, why the photo was taken. It is like a “magic tool”. In the next posts I’ll show you motivational photos and stuff like this. Stay here!

If photography is a kind of art, the photographer is the artist. As an artist, each photographer has each own style and niche. His photos are his message to world. There are photographers that take photos of people, nature (like me), travel, food etc. This is interesting. Everybody is unique and this is important. If you are unique, different in a good sense, you are yourself and don’t try to copy anymore, people will come cuz’ you have something special to share with them. Be different! I know that this is difficult, many people manipulate us, but just be you.maxresdefault

Each of us needs inspiration or in art, photo, for example, and I’ll show you a very amazing blog, a photography blog. I can’t describe in words how awesome are the photos. The photographer that I am talking about is Joe McNally. Click here!

“Photographer Joe McNally, who’s career has spanned decades, is an extremely famous photographer with a blog that perfectly displays his work. The two things that are important to note about McNally’s site is that it has a great layout and is easily accessible. It also does not hurt to have some gorgeous photography, as well as some firsthand accounts of McNally’s amazing feats.” says resourcesmagonline.com.

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