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What’s up? I am Daniela and today I won’t show you a tutorial or my photos, but we will talk on a topic.

This topic is shown on one of my edits in Photoshop, that I’ll show you the next day, if you wish.

The motto is “Don’t call it a dream, call it a plan. Love what you do” – Anonymous. 

text-photoshopK, let’s turn to our blog. This quote is very important, especially for me, ‘cuz I’m a dreamer. I wish to do a lot of things, to change something. I want to evolve in photography, graphic design, stuff like this. Knowing what I wish to do in the future, I tried to discover opportunities and information for this domain. I wish to improve, and finally, in the future, to get paid for this. More important is to know new people and to learn. I know that in this life I can do everything, dreams can be reality.

You, probably,  read my blog’s motto: “Explore. Try. Create. Inspire”.

          Very simple, but useful. If you love doing something and you dream to be a singer, artist, photographer etc., explore the opportunities learn about your domain of activity. If you don’t know what you love to do, also explore. Go on different courses or learn from the Internet, discover your passions, this is maybe the most interesting part. Then, practice, exercise! Exercise is the mother of success. I know that it’s hard, maybe you’re lazy sometimes, just think and then decide, is your life, do what you wish; I just try to inspire you.

      Day by day you will be better, you’ll have results. You’ll evolve doing what you love. Practice! Then you can inspire others and learning from each other.

      You have a long road to follow and sometimes is difficult, but don’t forget you can do everything, you are the best. And the most important thing: Enjoy the process, be happy. If you have a fault, don’t be sad; think that you have learn something from this. Just do it! 

I hope that the article was good enough, I tried.

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