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I’m Daniela and today rained. ☔Yeah, I know that you don’t need to know this, but this inspired me to write another post. Some ideas you can find on digital photography school’s post.

For the most part of photographers it is necessary to go outside to take pics, but what happens if rains/ the wind is blowing/ it snows etc.? So, I thought that this article is useful for you. Or you’re just bored. Btw, there are a lot of things to photograph indoor!

Your home is full of amazing things that you don’t notice, but can be a part of a great photo. I had a lot of fun photographing these things and I invite you to do this, too.

Let’s get started!

  1. Flowers (plants)

It would be more beautiful if you have a big bouquet of diverse flowers because the photo will be more amazing. You can also go to buy one. Make a photo shooting and pay attention to the color range, dynamic, ISO etc. It is a good opportunity to match the colors or to work on photo composition.


It’s a pity that I didn’t have a flower bouquet, but I like more cactus. Sorry.

  1. Books

You can also photograph books, their lyrics, and enunciations. Now, it’s very popular, especially when the book contains advice, truth, dialogue, thoughts, and feelings.  Photographing books it is a good way to learn about aperture.

There are fragments from the book “Wonder” by Palacio.


  • I am beautiful no matter what they say.
    Words can’t bring me down.
    I am beautiful in every single way.
    Yes, words can’t bring me down.
  • “I want to be in love like that someday. I want my husband to love me the way Prince Andrei loved Natasha.”
  1. Window

If it rains is very great to photography the window, the image behind the window. There may be a pleasant view outside, or the window itself might be the main point of interest. At night, you can create some really moody shots of windows using just the moonlight or street lights outside. If you’re photographing a view out of a window, try including some or the entire window frame. This will add context to the scene and can form a frame around the edge of your photo.


  1. Water splash/ Water and oil

Omg! I invite you to do this. It was amazing! Just pour water in a cup, and the oil and let the magic begin. Maybe you did this at chemistry lesson, doesn’t matter. Or, you can try to do like Digital School Photography’s says:

”First, take your colorful paper, and set it on a table or counter. Then take your two cups and set them on top of the paper, several inches away from each other. Next, take your glass dish and set it on top of the cups, so that it’s elevated off of the colorful paper. Add a little water, then a little olive oil, and be ready to photograph the bubbles that appear. You may want to spend some time experimenting with photographing the glass dish at differing heights above the paper underneath. Experiment with different types of colorful paper; scrapbook paper is a great resource for this. Try differing amounts of oil and water, and see how those small changes affect your image.”

  1. water and oil.jpgCutlery

The kitchen holds a world of photo opportunities and all you need is some imagination to exploit it. Forks, colanders, wooden spoons etc. can make interesting photographs when shot right.


  1. Pets

Pets are good to improve shooting candidly and having patience. Btw, they are so adorable! You can shoot from different angles and try different compositions. It may take a long time, but worth it. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pet, but I found this cuteness and I wish to show you this:

Awwwwwwwww! Source: Google Image
  1. Silhouettes

Window silhouettes are a great exercise if you are learning photography because it will help you understand how your camera sees light. If your camera is on auto, and you focus directly on your subject, what does your camera try to do? If you move your focal point off of your subject, what does your camera “see” then? Does it affect the focus of your image? What happens if you try out the different metering modes? Does one seem to be more effective than the others in creating a silhouette?


  1. Shadows

I think that you have a lot of things in your home that may create interesting shadows. A good example is a plant. You can create a shadow effect by placing your subject in from of a wall and then shining a light towards the wall and subject. Try to shoot from different angles so the image to be great.


  1. Food

Yay! Food! Many of us photographed food, but we didn’t think that doing this requires professionalism and style. It is very important and post-production, too.


Or, wait till the weather is better and go outside to photograph as my sister I did!

by my sys Valery

So, this was for today. I think that you found this useful, not just for photographers.  Try to photograph some of the things that I listed and show in the comments section.

It was Daniela, see you! Thank you!