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              Today I’ll debate an interesting subject, that a little bit irritates me and I decided to write something about this. As you have seen in the title, I’ll talk about education for photographers and graphic designer and I’ll express my opinion. Also, I invite you to write your view, because together we know more than any individual.

Let’s start!

I’ll begin with the begging.

             If you like taking pictures, a career as a photographer may be for you. Photographers are often self-employed and can work in many fields including news, fine arts, commercial, and scientific. Everything depends on your goals.

Картинки по запросу photographer     A career as a photographer or a designer is an ideal one for many people. Also, it evolves your creativity and the way to see the world. To be a professional photographer/graphic designer you need compulsory high school diploma or equivalent.

And here comes the questioning question:


According to my opinion: NO, but…,

If you wish to large your knowledge, you can hold a degree.

       I think that schools nowadays limit you (there are and exceptions) and you can learn more when you explore, try. It’s different and more interesting. You can decide what you wish to do, to learn; many people did this, with no further studies and they are successful.  Set a purpose and do anything to accomplish it, in every domain. But be attentive: don’t have big expectations, because they will cause disappointment (I refer more to people).

“After finishing school with a good educational foundation, photographers can enter into the workforce and continue learning from employers and other professionals. Starting as an assistant to a professional photographer allows one to pick up skills and tricks and develop work skills. Photographers can create electronic portfolios and maintain a website to show off work samples to the world, potentially catching the eyes of employers.

       Requirements for photographers vary by field and industry. Some may require only a high school diploma or equivalent, others may require additional training or an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. Photographers often start their careers as interns, assistants or related positions gaining experience as they learn their trade.” – says study.com

So, this is my opinion and the article of the day.

I hope you understood and I invite you to write your view.

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