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Hi! Welcome to Photography Addicted!

I think that nowadays it is very important in our society photography and graphic design. For example in advertisements, magazines layout, TV/Motion graphics. So, it is useful. 

If you wish to learn about this, I have a solution. This is a blog for every photography or graphic design lover! I write blogs about photos, how to edit them, about graphic design. I also write different tips, reviews, articles about my favorite photographers and designers. I’m here for people who like photography and graphic design, I can give you advises and stuff like these.

I created this blog to share my photos, edits, opinions, with you and maybe I’ll inspire you. All the photos are taken by me and the articles, too. Sometimes I post guest posts.


“I am Daniela and I want to show people ideas of how to become a better photographer (and graphic designer) + how to stay motivated. I will talk about research because I love it.”

Don’t forget: We can, We are the best! Explore. Try. Create. Inspire. #weare

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More things about me you can find on my first blog post.

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